Boat Detailing

Boats, dinghies and jet skis present a variety of cleaning challenges because they are exposed to saltwater, marine scum, docking abrasions, spilled beverages, food stains, fish blood and intense UV radiation.

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Freshen Up

Fresh and Clean team will come scrub and pressure clean your entire boat, clean out all of your bait wells and compartments and chamois everything dry. Clean all windows , all canvas covers and bimini tops. Scrub all mildew from all vinyl and add  UVray protection

Starts at $3.50 per foot

Ultimate Fresh and Clean

This package includes everything above plus all chrome and metal will be cleaned and polished.Plus  a 3 step process of compounding, leveling wax and a high quality marine wax. The Fresh and Clean team will go thru every detail in this package to restore your boat like new.

Over dry land prices start at $14 per foot

Over water prices start at $16 per foot

Prices raise up $2 per foot over 25 feet

and $2 more per foot over 35 feet


Fresh & Clean Boat Detailing delivers the highest standards of excellence in our boat detailing programs. From 15 foot bow-riders, to 100 foot yachts, we offer the finest marine services in the lowcountry.

Centrally located in Boca Raton, FL. We come to you to service your boat in all Palm Beach and Broward county marinas, private slips and driveways.

Whether we are bringing a boat back to life or continuing a regular monthly maintenance program, we will conduct our work with the utmost attention to detail. Regular washdowns go a long way towards preventing unnecessary erosion, however preventative protection will keep your boat glistening, while extending its life and reducing depreciation.

Gelcoat management and protection, waxing, detailing, washing, pre-sale boat preparation, winterizing, cleaning, restoration, polishing.

Only used for heavily oxidized boats, our rubbing compounds can restore heavily sun faded yachts to their original luster. We use a two or three step process to bring your gel coat back.

Stainless Steel Restoration
Bow rails, cleats, T-Top stands — our stainless steel restoration service removes rust and tarnish. Your stainless will shine while being protected against future erosion.

Leather and Vinyl Cleaning
Upholstery cleaning, mildew removal and conditioning of all leather and vinyl. Once our vinyl & leather cleaner has brought your upholstery back, our conditioner will ensure they remain supple and protected against the elements.

Restoration, cleaning and conditioning of isinglass improves visibility and gloss — this also prevents hazing and cracking.

If you’re looking to keep your vessel standing tall, let us come aboard and you’ll see the difference.

Call us at (561) 929-9931

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